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FROM THE DAILY CORINTHIAN.....................3/30/2010

FARMINGTON — The “Living Last Supper” will be presented Thursday at Farmington Baptist Church for those who wish to deepen the spiritual aspect of their Easter experience this year.

The Last Supper, both the original Biblical event and the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci, have been the subjects of a never ending fascination over the years. Farmington Baptist Church brings both the Biblical event and the painting together in a unique presentation at 7 p.m. Thursday evening.

“The Living Last Supper” director, Nancy Harvell, said this marks the fifth year the church has presented the play and the production has been refined over time. This year, back curtains on loan from Oakland Baptist Church have added a different look to the play. Also, this year will see a larger number of actors.

“We’ve added something just about every year. This year, we have 16 men participating and a narrator. We have Jesus and the 12 disciples as well as the water carrier and the owner of the upper room,” said Harvell. She went on to say that the cast’s age range is wide and includes men in their teens to men in their eighties.”

The men in the play are set up in the same order and posed similarly to the famous da Vinci painting. The actors hold their poses for the duration of the performance and this year six of the actors have monologues. Those actors will step out of their pose for the monologue then settle back into place afterward.

The script was developed in the 1950s by a man named Ernest K. Emurian, according to Harvell. She found it through research. In the second or third year, a musical version of the event was found with music written by a woman named Ruth Elaine Schran. Thus, the production Farmington presents currently is an adaptation from both writers — script by Emurian and music by Schran.

Set design for the Farmington play is done by Brenda Rogers.

“Brenda Rogers does our table and we set it closely to the picture as we can,” said Harvell. “She [Rogers] is also having a mini-museum exhibit out front this year and will have items that mimic the Last Supper and information about the painting.”

The lighting and sound for the production is done by Wayne and Jessica Shults and the cast for The Living Last Supper includes: Tim Nall (”Narrator”); Billy Dawson (”Water Carrier”); Albert Strickland (”Owner of the Upper Room”); Phil Sartain (”Bartholomew”); James Shults (”James the Lesser”); Jeremy Childers (”Andrew”); Brandon Harvell (”Peter”); Ben Nall (”Judas”); Andrew Nall (”John”); Buford Taylor (”Jesus”); Brian Gardner (”James”); Tim Bell (”Thomas”); Tim McGee (”Phillip”); Glynn Garrett (”Matthew”); Guy Tucker (”Thaddeus”) and Philip Mathis (”Simon”).

The musicians for the production will be the Farmington Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir.

Admission is free and the public is invited.
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